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Chauffeur FAQ

What’s a security bond?

It’s a pre-authorisation on your credit card (or an amount held in cash) for a bond we use as security against further charges while you’re renting with us.

What happens if I have an accident?

Tell us about it as soon as possible, definitely within 24 hours.
  • » Make sure that you get all the details of any third parties, witnesses and police that attend at the scene. Please do not admit liability.
  • » If your rental is not drivable and the police arrange for it to be towed, make sure you get the name and phone number of the tow truck company and (if possible) the registration number of the tow truck.
  • » You’ll find an accident report form in the glove box of your car that will walk you through the info required.

Are there many toll roads in Australia?

Yes. There are toll roads in many cities. They are all clearly signed and are operated by a number of organizations including State Government and private companies. Some toll roads have people working on booths, some are automatic.

Note that more and more toll roads are moving to electronic tolling, and becoming unmanned and cashless. All Redspot Sixt vehicles are fitted with electronic toll charging devices.

Do I have to pay tolls myself?

All our locations that have nearby toll roads have all its vehicles fitted with an electronic toll road passes. This pass can be activated for a competitive daily fee that will give you unlimited access to all electronic toll roads across Australia.

What if I have my own tag?

Redspot Sixt vehicles are fitted with electronic toll passes. Should our electronic toll pass beep you will be charged.

What if I don't hire a toll pass?

If you drive through a toll road without hiring a toll pass from LimoCorp, a processing fee of $15.00 per toll plus the cost of the toll road will be charged to your nominated account.

Can I hire a GPS (satellite navigation)?

Yes. As long as there is one available on the day you need it, you can hire a GPS for $11 +GST per day. GPS units are available at all LimoCorp locations.

My GPS won’t turn on. What do I do?

Make sure that the power cord is plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter and then press the reset button (located in a pin size hole at the unit’s base).

If I miss a turn will the GPS tell me to turn around?

Within seconds of missing a turn-off the GPS will reset itself and find next best route. (They’re clever little things.)

When I leave the vehicle where do I put the GPS?

As they’re expensive and rather attractive to thieves, please don’t leave them unattended or in a place that can be seen by prying eyes. The GPS is your responsibility and we rely on you to keep it safe from harm.

What happens if I’m naughty?

If we receive a fine on your behalf, we complete a statutory declaration and the fine is sent on to you at the address provided. We charge a $55 admin fee for this service (without notice) to the card provided at the time of rental. Unfortunately, we cannot accept your payment for the fine, only the admin fee.

Street Direction

We provide these at most locations if available (a small fee may apply).

Any road safety tips I should be aware of?

  • » Australians drive on the left-hand side of the road.
  • » Give way to the right.
  • » Wearing seatbelts for the driver and all passengers is compulsory.
  • » Speed limits apply on all Australian roads and are well sign-posted.
  • » Distances between destinations can be vast and we recommend that you change drivers or take a break every two hours.
  • » Be careful of animals on the road, in particular in the country and remote areas from dusk onwards.

If you have questions that we have not been able to answer for you in our FAQs, here is how to reach us: You can call us at 02 80157582 or email us at .